Global Earth Healing Project

Good Wishes – Good Thoughts

Certainly you know about the power of thought, the power of well-meaning intention. Your consciousness is capable of much more than just thinking, feeling and wishing. The intention of your consciousness might be able to move mountains.

Of course we won’t start with moving mountains. But even a small positive thought can work wonders; we all have probably experienced this at times. And apparently such a thought seems to be in coherence and interacting with the intentions and positive thoughts of others.


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The long-term research of the Princeton psychology professor Roger Nelson has shown that whenever a large number of people are intensely emotionally confronted with a global topic – be it the death of Lady Di, the tsunami in Indonesia or 9/11 – noise generators which were placed all over the world, detected a strong coherent structure; and suddenly the measured data deviated significantly from the statistical normal contribution. This inspired us to start the Global Earth Healing Project.


The TimeWaver as a quantum physical interface into the information field is supposed to vibrate certain optimisation lists predefined by us together with as many TimeWaver users as possible to the information field with the aim to positively influence the field of humankind. The effect of this broadcast is distinctly mirrored in the behaviour of the 70 noise generators worldwide of the Global Consciousness Project.


The initiators of this projects are Marcus Schmieke, visionary and developer of the TimeWaver systems Dr. med. Hendrik Treugut, private lecturer and 1st chairman of DGEIM and Thomas Baschab, mental coach, author and international lecturer and teacher for consciousness-raising.

The Implementation

Since it is not always easy to mobilise thousands of people and ask for a strong common focus, we first started with 200 TimeWaver users to vibrate an optimisation list for three minutes with the focus „Love, compassion, wisdom and coherency for mankind“ on 1st Dec 2013.

The Result:

A distinct and significant deviation from the normal contribution was observed.

Coincidence or providence?

We consider the deviation of the GCP and the TimeWaver optimisation of the GEHP as a synchronicity according to C.G. Jung and Wolfgang Pauli i.e. they point to a common connotation. So it is not about finding a scientific proof for the effect of the GEHP, but to explore the synchronic concurrence of mental and physical events which encourage us to continue on this path.
On 1st March 2014we vibrated together with our users, a second optimisation list with the focus „The consciousness of mankind“ to confirm this. And again measurements showed at exactly that time significant deviations from normal contribution. The third optimisation was vibrated on 1st Aug 2014with the focus “The becoming whole of humankind”. There a significant deviation from normal contribution to the negative region was observed.

The Future

This gives us hope that our work does not just give scientifically interesting impulses but can really help the world and its inhabitants on the level of positive consciousness-focus, for this is far above a mere scientific observation. In this way we wish to make our small but hopefully effective contribution to a better world.

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