1st March, 2014 | “The consciousness of humanity”

Dear TimeWaver users,

Our last collective optimization within the scope of the Global Earth Healing Project on 1st Mar 2014 was again successful. On this day at noon about 200 users worldwide vibrated healing impulses in the global consciousness field of the earth for three minutes. The political development within the last months unfortunately shows how necessary a change of the consciousness of people is.

The incredible effect of the coincidence of our optimization time from 1st Dec 2013 with extreme amplitudes of events in Prof. Roger Nelson’s Global Conciousness Project confirmed this in a blatantly obvious way on 1st Mar. The probability that these two similarities are purely coincidental seems extremely small.

The following image shows the GCP’s original data from 10th Feb to 9th Mar:

xactly at noon a drastic increase of the deviation of the noise values from the expected values (imagined centreline between the red lines) begins on 1st Mar as well as on 1 Dec of the previous year and then on 2nd Mar it builds up a maximum clearly outside of the second coincidence area. The probability of such an event lies clearly below 1%.

Here the figure from 1st Dec 2013 for comparison:

The two-fold coincidence between our optimization times and the reactions of the Global Consciousness Project can be interpreted as synchronicity in the sense of the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. With this term Jung describes the non-coincidental concurrence of two events through a both connecting purpose.

Jung considers such a synchronicity as a meaningful hint from the collective unconscious, so to say the deepest mental layer connecting all people, which has the power to help on human kind on its way to wholeness.

I myself consider this a confirmation of the collective unconscious of mankind and the intelligence expressed through it that we are on the right path with our Global Earth Healing Project and should continue by all means.
For this reason I would like to invite you wholeheartedly to be part of our next optimization aiming at the wholeness of human kind on 1st Aug 2014 at 12.00pm. Below you will find the link to download the optimization list and then import it into your TimeWaver system. At the end of this e-mail you will find short directions on how to do this.
Optimization list for download

Please help with this small but effective contribution for a better world.

Warm regards,
Marcus Schmieke

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