1st October 2015 | The consciousness of mankind

Another small encouragement.

On 1st October 2015 at 12.00 o’clock the fifth joint optimisation of the Global Earth Healing Project took place for three minutes. As in the first four events this again an interesting and significant increase of the curve, which displays the deviation of the noise values from the expected value, can be observed.

At 12.00 o’clock on 1st October the curve lies exactly on the zero line and then rises rapidly to form three consecutive maxima. This picture is similar to the one of the first GEHP optimisation on 1st December 2013. However, here the increase is not as significant as in the previous four optimisations. This time the curve remained within the confidence interval of 95% for the first time. The following figure shows the course of the curve in detail:

It is striking that the curve reached a minimum at the -95% line already on 30th September and directly after the three peaks on 1st and 2nd October falls again to this low point. Thus the 24 hours after the GEHP optimisation constitute a phase of significant increase.
Again I need to emphasise that a single event does not allow any conclusions. Only an evaluation of a big amount of data can give us a reliable statement. In this project this still remains a distant goal.
Nevertheless I see this coincidence as a synchronicity between the GEHP optimisation and the curve of the Global Consciousness Project. So it is a nice confirmation and encouragement to continue the Global Earth Healing Project with great enthusiasm.

The new optimization list for all TimeWaver users:
The new optimization list in form of a pdf file for all not TimeWaver Users:

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