December 1st, 2018 | Self-love - A world full of love

Dear Friends,

a world full of love, peace and devotion is actually quite close. It starts with us. We are directly connected with the universe, all impulses enter the Information Field and are processed. As Gottfried Keller says, our thoughts of today return to us in the following cycle through the deeds of tomorrow and the habits of the day after tomorrow, and ultimately as our destiny. Life can only give us back what we create consciously or unconsciously.

The blockage is often that we are not even aware of the negative cascade within us. Because it’s the little things that add up. Self or other judgmental, degrading thoughts and feelings, which we repeat every day like little mantras, work as energies and life shapers. These negative programming inform of unconscious conditioning and unquestioned beliefs have to be uncovered, rewritten and, through good thought hygiene, create life and the world that we all so fervently wish for.

"We are what we think. All we are, all we think. Everything we are comes from our thoughts. We shape the world with our thoughts."


So it is important that we take daily, regularly and disciplined time for inner exploration and awareness and understand this as a valuable investment, instead of false selfishness (poem “Self-love” by Charlie Chaplin), in order to give room for access to the deeper laws of life. Remember: You can’t serve anything from an empty bowl.

The mantra “Aham Prema” means: I am love. This is about realizing who we really are deep within ourselves. Allow us take off the masks created in many situations that cover the true self in order to come gradually closer to the truth. If we allow ourselves to recognize the inner magnificence, a new world full of love can emerge from it. With the development of one’s own potential it becomes possible to enrich and bestow our living space from the power of one’s own destiny.

May more and more people realize that they are light from eternal light and do not serve the world when they make themselves or others small. May more and more people awaken to their potential, to their power and love. May more and more people have the courage to enrich the world with loving words. May more and more people live through active self-love, creating a critical mass that creates a world of love from the bottom up. For this purpose we want to start a joint optimization on December 1st, 2018 in order to generate a positive, strengthening field through the synchronous alignment of our awareness in the Information Field. The corresponding optimization list for your TimeWaver systems can be found below as a download link. You can import the file as usual in the clients menu.

The optimization will automatically start on December 1st, 2018, provided your TimeWaver system is in optimization mode. Please read through the list and add your own optimizations to intensify it. You can also pass them on to friends and acquaintances who want to send a positive impulse with their own consciousness, even as non-TimeWaver users.

We look forward to your participation and wish you all the best.

Kind regards
Marcus Schmieke

and the GEHP-Team

The corresponding client including optimization list for all TimeWaver systems can be downloaded here:
The new optimization list in form of a pdf file for all not TimeWaver users:
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