March 15th, 2019 | Plastic Revolution - Together for more mindfulness!

Dear Friends,

It’s a known fact that plastic is everywhere now. Plastic can be found in the seas, rivers and streams, in the ground, under the earth in rubbish dumps, in treetops, forests and mountain peaks – and also in us. Because the plastic is blown away by the wind, carried away by the rain and crushed by the force of the oceans through the movement of the water into tiny particles of “micro plastic” (< 0.5 – 0.0001 cm). These microscopically small particles are consumed by fish that are eaten again. Too much plastic harms humans, the environment, ecosystems and animals.

Plastic is handy because:

  • it is light.
  • it can “become” all shapes and colors.
  • it can be produced quickly and cheaply.
  • it is so durable.

There is no plan(et) B - we have only this one earth.

In addition to these positive properties, there are serious disadvantages:
• Disposable items:
– Most plastic packaging is only used once and then ends up in the garbage.
• Disposal:
– 90% are thrown away unnecessarily
– Only 10% is recycled
• Degradability:
– Plastic has a biodegradation period of 10 years up to several centuries.
• Fertility:
– Softening agents of plastic with hormone-like effects and toxins in plastic lead to a decrease in fertility as the number of sperm is reduced.
• Health:
– Micro plastic particles act in part like sponges and absorb toxic, carcinogenic chlorine compounds (PCBs), which are then released back into the body.
• Stay:
– It is unknown where 99% of the plastic remains are in the oceans, probably in the deep sea.
– Only 1% of the plastic waste in the ocean is found in the form of garbage islands and garbage vortices following the currents in the oceans, which is only the tip of the iceberg.
• Research status:
– Research on the environmental medical effects of micro plastics is in its infancy and good research takes years, as does its implementation in health regulations.

What can I do alone now:
• Avoid plastic: use and buy as little plastic as possible for health and environmental reasons.
• Change to fabric bags and bring them along for shopping

• Use clothes, shoes, etc. made of natural materials such as leather or fabric
• Use reusable containers made of glass, metal, ceramics, etc.
• Search for/follow/connect to role models/pioneers and revolutionary projects, e.g.:
– Bea Johnsen – Zero Waste Home
– The Ocean Cleanup
– Minimalist life

May more and more people come together who are respectful, considerate and appreciative of themselves and their environment and who set out to question and change their everyday, self-destructive habits. For this purpose we want to start a joint optimization on March 15th, 2019 in order to generate a positive, strengthening field through the synchronous alignment of our awareness in the Information Field. The corresponding optimization list for your TimeWaver systems can be found below as a download link. You can import the file as usual in the clients menu.

The optimization will automatically start on March 15th, 2019, provided your TimeWaver system is in optimization mode. Please read through the list and add your own optimizations to intensify it. You can also pass them on to friends and acquaintances who want to send a positive impulse with their own consciousness, even as non-TimeWaver users.

We look forward to your participation and wish you all the best.

Kind regards
Marcus Schmieke

and the GEHP-Team

The corresponding client including optimization list for all TimeWaver systems can be downloaded here:
The new optimization list in form of a pdf file for all not TimeWaver users:

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